Chilli Con Salsa

Salsa, Rueda, Children's (Mixed Styles) classes in Norwich, Norfolk

Why Exercise with us?

Welcome to Chilli Con Salsa we have classes for both adults and children. See Chilli Kids for more info on kids events near you!

Get your new year off to a great start by making salsa your new hobby! A great way to meet lovely people, learn something new and get yourself in good shape. We have 6 week salsa courses for complete beginners and we will take you through all of the basics you need to
... get you dancing and enjoying salsa music. Even better if you are planning a Latin holiday we can show you how to blend in with the locals and make the most of your trip.

We teach at your pace and we differentiate groups accordingly. If you have danced salsa and it is not your first time you can also join us as we have a course for beginner plus level and also for improvers which is either for students who have learnt with us before or for X-body style dancers who would like to convert their dance skills to learn Cuban style.

We have lots of different classes to suit all your needs for all levels. We also teach different styles including bachata, mambo, cha cha, son, rueda, rumba, afro, reggaeton, salsaton and more. We hold monthly masterclasses workshops and parties to enhance your experience. Come and dance with us!
Insured By: Cover4dance

Insured By: Cover4dance
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